I remember the face but I can’t recall the name

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I have moved to hitchinaride.wordpress.com

You may copy and paste the address into the bar. There will be no link for you to click on. Such convenience is ill-advised.


All’s Well

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I typed, hit enter on the lacklustre keyboard which sheen had faded with use. I clicked on the first entry I saw.

Lakers surge past Clippers in 4th quarter

Can I get another amen?


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After the overrated peasant party that is otherwise known as Prom Night, I’ll be busy.

Prom is on 26th, don’t correct me if I’m wrong. Work starts on 27th, and ends somewhere around a week before the results are out.

  1. Cowon D2 $300
  2. UE SuperFi.5 $250
  3. Asus NB $1699
  4. Treasure Chest $100

Where’s the Platinum when you need one?

I thought these 3 were some of the better songs from the album, though most of them were good. I’d recommend you to buy it if you still have your A1 money left.


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Hokkien Rock

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Today, i will blog on two matters.

The first is with regards to my purchase of the newly-released Mayday album. You want to know what’s wrong with MayDay?


After giving it a spin on my dusty Sony Walkman CD player; one which I had bugged my parents for at an earlier point in life but had not found a definite need for later, I found the offering to be a pleasant one. True, you have those overly-peppy and noisy-to-a-certain-extent songs, but tracks like Tu Ran Hao Xiang Ni, Chut Tao Tee, Ni Bu Shi Zhen Zheng De Kuai Le, the vampire song and the one with the dicklong title were good. It was certainly a fresh breath of air from their previous rock ventures. I was suprisingly pleased with the package that the CD came in; it was well-made, and cleanly designed. $18.95 for this was a good investment in the name of music, and I’ll get it autographed, which will probably jack its value up somewhat.

I forgot what I was supposed to blog about, so it’s time for y’all to scram.

Incoherent Musings

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Today, my everyday routine which involves the plugging in of the CKM-50s on the journey home was thwarted.

My preferred transport, and thus, a peaceful ride home was interrupted today by a chat, if you’d call it that, on all matters ranging from the hotly-discussed Prom Night; which from my perspective is really no big deal at all, since we’re going to bid our last goodbye curses at the collection of the O’ Level results anyway, to differing tastes in music. Speaking of 21st January, that’s when I’ll lug my newly-shipped minigun to school, let off a load at the power generator situated besides the gate and cause a whoopass explosion for no reason whatsoever. Following that, I’ll get my out my boombox, put Jonas Brothers on repeat and proceed to fuck the eardrums of the student population up.

It doesn’t matter if you go down with the shitty music or not. The minigun takes care of the roaches.

****able Tonight

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It’s late in the evening

She’s wondering what clothes to wear

She puts on her trousers

And brushes the c*m off her hair

And then she asks me

Do I look alright?

And I say no

You look horrible tonight

We go to an orgy

And everyone turns and screams

At this can be ****ed lady

Whose cleavage is spilling out on me

And then she asks me

Do you feel alright

And I say yes

I feel wonderful tonight

I feel like a king

Because I see the c*m glistening in your ****

And the wonder of it all

Is that you just don’t realise

That I’ve ****ed your sister too

It’s time to go **** now

And I’ve got an aching ****

So I give her the ****om

And she puts me on the bed

And then I **** her

As I turn out the lights

I say you ****ing *****, you look ****able tonight